Joshua Slocum Sailor's Knife

Joshua Slocum Sailor's Knife
Joshua Slocum Sailor's Knife Joshua Slocum Sailor's Knife
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Looking for an important sailor's tool or special collector's piece that will last for generations while honoring the heritage of Capt. Joshua Slocum? Do you value precision, fine North American craftsmanship and beautiful design?  The handmade "Joshua Slocum Signature Sailor's Knife with Marlin Spike and Double Sheath 139.95 is based on the Grohmann Yachtsman, produced in Nova Scotia, and used by sailors as an important safety tool. Its 4 in.(10cm) partially serrated blade features the finest stainless steeland a brass riveted rosewood handle.

Joshua Slocum's signature, taken from a letter to his friend Teddy Roosevelt, is precisely engraved on the blade face. Joshua's birthplace(Mt. Hanley, Nova Scotia) and date of birth are inscribed on the back. The hand tooled button down overlap knife sheath is made from quality leather and imprinted with the image of the "Spray", the sloop Captain Slocum sailed alone around the world in from 1895 to 1898.

The Joshua Slocum Knife/Marlin Spike combination also includes a polished stainless steel marlin spike/shackler tool with a specially crafted sheath for quick access. Off Shore racing Nov/Dec 2011 Issue of Sail Mag.