Rising to the heritage challenge

The challenge to continue celebrating the heritage of Capt. Joshua Slocum is very real. With the passage of time memories fade and enthusiasts "pass over the bar". Financial support for museums becomes more difficult to obtain.

Throughout his life Ralph Slocum, great grandson of Joshua Slocum, has worked to keep the memory of his ancestor alive. Similarly in Nova Scotia a small group of volunteers has worked to preserve the schoolhouse Joshua attended, while educating the public about this amazing individual.

Keith Amirault, his winning sloop `Slam`, with the Joshua Slocum race cup trophy
The “Capt. Joshua Slocum Cup Race” presented by the Royal Western Nova Scotia Yacht Club was established to raise funds for the Mount Hanley Schoolhouse Museum. This resulted in development of a collaborative project to market Joshua Slocum signature products and ultimately provide support for educational projects featuring Capt. Slocum, adult literacy and understanding of the sea.
Our Joshua Slocum project is only in its early stages. With important public support we hope that a tradition for a significant sail race and sustainable business enterprise has been successfully established.

'Spray' Balance

Cipriano Andrade, Jr., engineer and yacht designer, said of Spray: "After a thorough analysis of Spray's lines, I found her to have a theoretically perfect balance. Her balance is marvelous — almost uncanny. Try as I would — one element after another — they all swung into the same identical line. I attacked her with proportional dividers, planimeter, rotameter, Simpson's rule, Froude's coefficients, Dixon Kemp's formulae, series, curves, differentials, and all the appliances of modem yacht designing, and she emerged from the ordeal a theoretically perfect boat. For when she is underway every element of resistance, stability, weight, heeling effort, and propulsive force is in one transverse plane, and that plane is the boat's midship section. I know of no similar case in the whole field of naval architecture, ancient or modem.