Joshua Slocum-Carrying on the memory

Joshua Slocum Enterprises, is committed to celebrating the memory of Capt.  Joshua Slocum, the great sailor and author who was the first to circumnavigate the world alone.

Captain Slocum's great grandson Ralph Slocum learned about his great grandfather's achievements as a young boy, and from that point on wanted to preserve and be a part of the great sailor's legacy. Joshua Slocum Enterprises was subsequently founded to develop and market a line of the highest quality products for the sailing and outdoor enthusiast.

Joshua Slocum Speaks to us today not only as one of the great sailors of history but also as a man had the vision to see beyond the horizon and the courage to fellow his dreams. To surmount our economic and political probems we must demand the same vision and courage from our leaders and, most importantly, ourselves.


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The Mt. Hanley Schoolhouse Museum, in the maritime province of Nova Scotia, is a non-profit enterprise focusing on the early provincial education and life of one-time student, Joshua Slocum. The museum is located in Mt. Hanley, on North Mountain, overlooking the Bay of Fundy.

Built in 1850, the schoolhouse was brand new when the youngster Slocum, born in 1844, first brightened its doorway. Its fresh-cut timbers were likely still spewing aromatic pine resin when he was learning to read. Captain Josh’s origin from Mt. Hanley and, later, Brier Island, is a source of pride for Nova Scotians. Other notable students include Slocum’s second wife, Henrietta “Hettie” Elliott, and Clara Belle Marshall, the first woman in Nova Scotia to graduate from Acadia University.

In addition to its growing status as a museum, the building is registered as a Provincial Heritage Property, beingone of the earliest and best-preserved schoolhouses designed by the provincial education pioneer, William Dawson. The structure is well-preserved and virtually unchanged. The carved initials of many generations of Mt. Hanley students can still be seen in the wooden desks; some of the desks are handmade. In addition to Slocum artifacts, their also remain schoolbooks, maps, and a slate blackboard.

The importance of Joshua Slocum and provincial history in today’s world is evident in the growing number of museum visitors. Preserving this wonderful old building remains the priority of the museum society. Current renovation needs include replacing the building’s foundation, and roof repair.