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The Pan-American Expo brought in enough money for Slocum to purchase a small farm on Martha’s Vineyard. Ten years followed of mild fame, and sometimes infamy, half-hearted farming, and winters in the West Indies. The Spray and Captain Slocum would sail one last time in November 1908, heading for South America to explore the Orinoco and Amazon Rivers. He was never to be heard from again, presumed lost at sea.

Some say a steamship must have run him down. Those unconvinced of his vessel’s fabled service concluded that the Spray must have finally swamped or capsized. Still others who saw Slocum as he set sail that last time recalled a beaten and decrepit vessel feared not to be up to the task of one more voyage.

Would the 65 year old captain have decided not to sail had he known this would be a lost voyage? Or, fully knowing, would he have chosen to sail away into oblivion? “Lost at sea” may be a far more favorable epitaph for both the old mariner and his vessel, each having already once escaped a slow death on land.

'Spray' Docked at Nate Herreshoff's Boat Year Bristol R.I. Refit Circa 1909, Prior to Last Voyage

Joshua Slocum's Sloop "Spray" is the most duplicated sloop in the world. Over 3000 replicas have been built.

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