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Captain Slocum included the lines and sail-plan for the original 36 foot Spray in the appendix of his memoir “Sailing Alone Around the World.” Modern shipbuilder and designer Bruce Roberts has adapted 25 Spray designs since 1966. Today there are more than 3,000 Spray replicas constructed in fiberglass, wood, steel and aluminum, making Captain Slocum’s sloop the most duplicated in the world.

More than 250 sailors have completed solo circumnavigations in homage to Captain Joshua Slocum and the Spray. Some follow his route exactly, or route through the Suez or Panama canals. Others compete in the Slocum-inspired Vendee Globe or Around Alone annual yacht races. The list of solo-circumnavigators grows every year.

All sailors, whether they be old salts or ply inland waters, keep their eyes on the horizon.