Joshua Slocum




Setting out from Boston on April 24, 1895, in his sloop the Spray, Captain Joshua Slocum began a 46,000 mile and three year journey, returning as the world’s first solo circumnavigator. He published an account of his great sea adventure in the international bestseller Sailing Alone Around the World, which has been continuously in print since 1900.

Made famous by his solo circumnavigation at the age of 54, Captain Slocum’s life had already demonstrated tenacious individualism, creativity, and strength of character. Exotic ports, stretches of vast ocean, dead-reckoning and spotting lighthouses – Captain Slocum’s feat was the culmination of a lifetime of adventure, exploration, and ingenuity.

He last sailed from Boston in November 1908, headed for exploration in the Amazon. Captain Slocum was never to be seen again, and was presumed lost at sea.

Captain Joshua Slocum speaks to us today not only as one of the celebrated sailors of history but also as a man who saw beyond the horizon and had the courage to follow his dreams. At, we are committed to celebrating the memory of Captain Joshua Slocum, the famed adventurer who continues to inspire solo circumnavigators, yacht racers, pleasure sailors, scientists, and dreamers.

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